Getting the status of an order (manual pull)

Call info

Method GET
Location {BaseURL}/V1/Orders/{Token}/Status
Body payload
Result orderStatus


In case you missed the push notification or you don't have the right logic in place to receive our messages, it is possible to request a status update of an order.

Simply call the URL and we will provide you with some details like current status, times (for example the external pickup time).
If the order is on its way you can even track it with the current lat / long (only if this info is present / tracked).


In case of an exception where we cannot recover from, a special object is returned. The body load will always be of the type simpleMessage.

HTTP Code 404
If status code is 404, an resource could not be allocated. For example, the store code was not found. The details will be in the message.

HTTP Code 400
If status code is 400, the body payload sent was incomplete or malformed and could not be parsed by the system. More details (if available) can be found in the message.

HTTP Code 500
If status code is 500, you probably have blown up our server :). This is triggered if something happens unforeseen. If details are available, we will provide these in the message part.