Push notification

While most of the information can be obtained by querying Harmony, this is far from effective for both the external order provider as for Harmony.
For this reason, Harmony provides a generic method of pushing updates to remote endpoints.

Push notification can contain an update regarding the status change of an order but is not limited to this.
The harmony road map contains plans to also push status updates about menu changes and restaurant status back to the providers. This is currently planned for Q1 2018.

All we need for sending a push update back to the external order provider, is a baseURL. Based on the URL we will send some date to the right endpoints.
For example, if a party supplies us with the following baseURL: https://www.companyx.com/harmony we will send an order update to https://www.companyx.com/harmony/Orders/{Token}/Status where token will be replaced by the token received earlier. The body will contain the data specified.

Note: If the push notification failed to be processed/received by the provider, Harmony will retry to send the notification for a maximum of 5 tries.