Harmony API

Starting a new implementation

Nobody likes to be the guy that has blown up the whole system, that is why all new interfaces start on our staging environment.
This environment is especially made to test new features, integrate new partners and seek the limits of the API.

The staging environment is located at https://dev-api.harmony.cashdesk.nl/v1/

To send any information to the API (for both staging and production), CashDesk will supply you with an username and password.
The account is used to identify the caller by the use of basic authentication (more info can be found here).

An account can be requested by sending an email to support@CashDesk.nl with subject "Access request Harmony".


On the staging environment, we have some smart stuff.
For example; when you send an order to the test store (StoreCode: 150A), we will send the import result to the specified email address.

While working with the staging, no orders will ever go to a real restaurant.


The external API requires an unique StoreCode for every store you want to send orders to.
This StoreCode is alphanumeric and will be supplied by CashDesk.

In case of multiple store interface, CashDesk will provide a list of StoreCodes.

Getting from staging to production

If everything went well, all is tested and both parties agree that the product is stable, moving to production is as simple as changing the URL.
The production environment is located at https://api.harmony.cashdesk.nl/v1/

CashDesk has to activate your credentials for the production environment. Once you receive the green light from CashDesk, you can assume the credentials are also enabled on the production environment.