The communicationMessage will be used to communicate with an client through Harmony.
communicationMessage will be used to; communicate with CashDesk clients, warning, alerting and/or informing them about recent activities.


Field Type Required Description
token guid false Unique identifier of the message
taskToken guid false Unique reference to the unit of work
html string true Body of the message
isRequiredToRead bool true Specifies if the message is mandatory to read. For example; used to inform about a general system failure
machineName string true Name of the machine that is targeted. If no machine name is specified. All the machines will show this message.
isEmergency bool true Specifies if the message is an emergency.
title string true Title of the message
expiresAtDateTime datetime true How long the message will be valid. Used to dispose messages no longer relevant like temporary failure of a services
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Example message